1. I’m not a huge Weird Al fan, but this medley of pop covers is pretty awesome.


  2. Colour Balance Tutorial - Using Curves



    I generally colour balance using a curves layer and the black and white droppers — so I’m going to focus on that and how to balance shows like Orphan Black, Hannibal, and Sleepy Hollow that a lot of people have trouble colouring using just one Curves layer!

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  4. It is starting to warm up a little here. Emphasis on a little. Either way we got out and saw a few things this week. Here are some pics.

  5. fastcodesign:

    Co.Design Bracket Madness: Who Is The World’s Greatest Living Designer?

    Welcome to Co.Design Bracket Madness! With your help, we’ve compiled a bracket featuring some of the greatest designers alive. Your job is to help crown a winner.

    How it’ll work: Co.Design

    I care about this more than I should.

  6. type-lover:


    Fonts of the Year.

    In the next 5 days, I will make a recap of the best fonts featured on Betype in this year. I’m very exciting since it was year with beautiful fonts. At first 100 fonts seems to be to much, but in fact it was a year very active with many releases of fonts and new type foundries, at the end it was hard to decide just 100 fonts. 

    Hope you enjoy this I made I site dedicated to this project: 2013.betype.co

    The 100 best fonts will begin tomorrow. This main site will continue to post lettering and typography inspiration.


    Can’t wait!


  8. nprmusic:

    Behold, the Lego concert rig

    My 12 year old self would have been drooling over this. I used to build stages and full band set ups out of whatever legos I could scrap together.

  9. theeddiejones:

    Another catch up post from me. Here are a bunch of pics from the week of July 4th. My nephew came to town to visit. We had a good time.

    Posted this on the wrong blog. Now it is on both.


  10. digg:

    We got bit teary-eyed after looking at all these Oklahoma tornado victims comforting their pets.

    The girl with the cat is my friend Maeghan. She is awesome. Thanks for posting her pic. She runs a great organization that helps animals in need.

    (via buzzfeed)